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THE DICTATORS are gonna tour EUROPE in 2016 again! THE DICTATORS from New York City! The band that influenced so many rock and punkrockbands all over the world, the band which got Ross the Boss from former MANOWAR on guitar, Daniel Rey on guitar and Handsome Dick Manitoba on vocals! The band once asked “Who will save RocknRoll” and the answer to this is THE DICTATORS NYC!

THE DICTATORS were founded in 1973 in New York City and had a great influence on countless rock and punk bands ever since together with bands like MC5, New York Dolls and The Stooges. After not playing for years, one day, 3 guys from THE DICTATORS, the lead singer, Handsome Dick Manitoba, the lead guitar player, Ross The Boss, and the drummer, JP “Thunderbolt” Patterson, decided to answer the call from the fans from all over the world who had been asking the band to come back and play. They thought this music, that meant so much to so many, should not be put to rest.
So they went out and got the best, most fun bass player they knew, a man by the name of Dean “The Dream” Rispler, and they added a guitar player with a great punk rock pedigree, a man who wrote songs with and produced albums by THE RAMONES. That man was Daniel Rey.

THE DICTATORS were complete. Except for one thing…. Since it wasn’t the totally original line up the band felt obliged, historically and as a courtesy to members who either couldn’t or didn’t want to play, to have a slight differentiation name wise between the first wave and the latest incarnation of THE DICTATORS. So was born: THE DICTATORS NYC!!

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