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Hellions & Casey | Musik & Frieden, Berlin // ABGESAGT!


Musik & Frieden
Falckensteinstr. 48 10997 Berlin Germany
** ACHTUNG: Das Konzert ist leider abgesagt. Tickets können an der jeweiligen VVK-Stelle zurückgegeben werden. **

Hier das Statement der Band:


To our fans in Germany,

It is with great disappointment that we have to announce the cancellation of our three shows with Casey this coming weekend in Leipzig, Berlin and Hamburg.

Hellions have found ourselves in an urgent, personal and unforeseen circumstance that requires our full, immediate attention. We apologies immensely to anyone who has already purchased a ticket to any of the shows, anyone who was planning on joining us, to our friends in CASEY who we were very much looking forward to playing with and to the promoters and agents who's time was consumed in booking these shows, your work is appreciated.

Although we come with bad news, we also have some good news in that next week we have some very exciting stuff to reveal to the world - hold tight!

We will still be appearing at the show with NORTHLANE in Sheffield, U.K. on 27/05 and have a couple more UK dates to announce before the month it out.

We are already making plans to head back to Europe and the U.K. before this year is done.

Thank you, from all of us, for your understanding. We can't wait to be back!


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