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RAMONES - Worldwide FAN-NIGHT with Rick Johnson


Krausnickstr. 23 10115 Berlin Germany
RAMONES - Worldwide FAN NIGHT with Rick Johnson
Saturday, May 28
Starts: 6pm (CET)

May 28, we invite Ramones Fans from all over the world to take part in out FAN NIGHT at RAMONES MUSEUM, starring our special guest Rick Johnson from Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Rick is one of us Diehard-RAMONES-Fans. He saw the band perform more than 100 times, spent a night at Joey 's apartment, went to ELVIS PRESLEY's birthplace with Johnny Ramone and Cj Ramone and rode with them more than once in the RAMONES van.

Rick has a million RAMONES stories and more, and he was smart enought to take the photos to prove it. Rick will share both - photos and stories - with other RAMONES Fans on Saturday May 28,at 6pm at RAMONES MUSEUM in Berlin.

For the event, we INVITE FANS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD to send us their photos, with or without the band, and their best RAMONES story/stories.

We will include the best photos and stories in our RAMONES FAN NIGHT, where we will project thyour photos on a huge screen and read your story to the audience.

We will stream the event LIVE on the internet, so you all can take part and listen to the stories, no matter where you live.

Post your photos and stories here on the page or send them to mail@ramonesmuseum.com!

Thanks, see you all on May 28!

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