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Sebastián Pecznik g Arg, guest: Lee Caspi vc Israel


Dircksenstr. 40 10178 Berlin Germany
Sebastián Pecznik (g) Arg, guest: Lee Caspi (vc) Israel
Modern Art
Sebastián Pecznik (g, voc, p,…)
Gast: Lee Caspi (Violoncello) / Israel
„It is so captivating I swear you
could barely hear anyone breath..!“
Sebastián Pecznik is a young and charismatic Argentinian-Polish guitar player, composer and arranger, home based in Berlin, Germany. His international live perfomance career is spectacularly documented by various numbers of venues and festivals he has already performed at. When on stage he captures the heart of the audience in the first moment, as he starts a dialogue, not only through his emotional and virtuous music but also through the fascinating stories he tells. His music can as easily fill philharmonic halls, concert theaters, as well as petit venues and concert cafés. Having received 6 awards and letters of merit from the Argentinian Chancery and the General Bureau of Cultural Affairs, declaring his concerts, master classes and tours of "highly artistic & cultural value", he has been touring through Europe more than five times in the last 5 years, and has also performed twice in New York at the beautiful BPAC (Baruch Performing Arts Center). Pecznik is sponsored by Argentinian Embassies all over the world.

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