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In Kollaboration mit Future Days präsentiert Greyzone Concerts diesen Sommer ein Gathering der Psychedelischen und Transzendentalen Musik der Extraklasse. Moon Duo, eine der absolut wichtigsten Bands des Genres headlined den Abend und wird unterstützt von dem in Berlin ansässigen Projekt TAU, in dem die Grenzen zwischen meditativer Session und psychedelischem Rockkonzert verschwimmen. Den Abend komplettieren werden Spectrum, das Brainchild von Peter Kember von Spacemen3.
Moon Duo sind Ripley Johnson and Sanae Yamada. In ihrer Musik vereinen sie repetitive Klangstrukturen mit kosmischem Truckerboogie und grindenen Riffs, die ab und an in katharischen ekstatischen Momenten kulminieren.
TAU ist eine Musikerkommune, die geprägt ist von Frontmann Shaun Mulrooneys Wirken und seinen Reisen. So wird die Musik zur Messe und zum schamanistischem Erlebnis. Über Spectrum und vor allem Peter Kember ist nicht so viel mehr zu sagen, er ist wahrscheinlich einer der absoluten Urväter der englischen Alternative Neo-Psychedelic Szene. Es wird sehr spannend sein diese drei Mächte an diesem Abend miteinander vereint zu sehen.


Future Days is collaborating with Greyzone to bring you a night of serious heavy listening and the best there is to offer from Psychedelic and Transcendental music, past present and future.
Featuring Moon Duo, Tau and Spectrum

Moon Duo
( Sacred Bones Records )
The highest apex of psychedelia, be it art, music, drugs or literature, is to induce a prolonged consciousness shift that affects the consumer far beyond the time they were privy to the act. Moon Duo‘s third full-length LP, Shadow of the Sun, was written entirely during one of these evolving phases -- a rare and uneasy rest period, devoid of the constant adrenaline of performing live and the stimulation of traveling through endless moving landscapes. This offered Moon Duo a new space to reflect on all of these previous experiences and cradle them while cultivating the album in the unfamiliar environment of a new dwelling; a dark Portland basement. It was from this stir-crazy fire that Shadow of the Sun was forged.
Evolving the sound of their first two full-length records, Mazes (2011) and Circles (2012), Moon Duo – Ripley Johnson and Sanae Yamada – have developed their ideas with the help of their newly acquired steam engine, Canadian drummer John Jeffrey (present on the band‘s last release, Live in Ravenna). The unchartered rhythms and tones present on this record are reflective of Moon Duo’s strive for equilibrium in this aforementioned new environment. You can hear it is the result of months of wrangling with a profound feeling of being unsettled – there are off-kilter dance rhythms, repetitive, grinding riffs, cosmic trucker boogies and even an ecstatically pretty moment. Mixing with Jonas Verwijnen in Berlin, allowed for a creative catharsis and dissolved the album’s formal technique into a cool and paradoxically sane sound of confusion.

>> https://www.facebook.com/moonduoofficial
<< http://moonduo.org/
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5uHatSrWZc

For centuries the desert has proved to be a spiritually rich landscape. It’s vast openness and still tranquillity lending itself to many a spiritual awakening or outer body experience once within its endless grasp; and in a world that gets busier and more occupied by the day, this reflective escape into one of nature’s greatest spaces becomes understandably more appealing for some. For Shaun Nunutzi, a member of the fearsome band Dead Skeletons and now operating under the name TAU, this has certainly been the case.

Following their EP "Wirikuta" released on Fuzzclub Records, Tau are set to release their debut album entitled TAU TAU TAU on the same label this September.

<< https://www.facebook.com/pages/TAU/698229903565781
>> http://tauofficial.bandcamp.com/
<< https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lx_BSKfgXCQ

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