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Brutaż in Berlin #3 @OHM (+fortunetelling)


OHM Berlin
Köpenicker Str. 70 10179 Berlin Germany
Here we are again, unlike any other party, your physical senses and faculties will find nothing to feed on and they will chide you for doing nothing

You get to listen to awkward trance of ✓Lutto Lento, highly textured electronics of Silesian ✓AARPS that can work in the club but not necessarily. Then, you get a chance to listen to Brutaż mismatched duo (✓Jules Venturini & ✓RRRKRTA) and to the amorphic pile of ✓Syzygy soured by a bit of ✓Galas.

During the party, a fortunetelling/tarot session will be held. ✓Miss M.E. will probably tell you how bad is going to get, the room will be specailly decorated on that occasion

The line-up is mostly Polish because it's neither fun nor intelligent

Entrance: €6

"Mroczki mroczki mroczki"

#Electronics, #Nothing, #Poland, #Trance, #Tarot, #Fortune-telling, #Orphism (religion), #Mroczki, #Lento, #Brutaż, #Silesian, #Venturini