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Emicida und special guest Akua Naru im Lido Berlin


Lido Berlin
Cuvrystrasse 7 10997 Berlin Germany
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+ special guest akua naru

Lido Berlin
Doors: 20:00 Uhr
Start: 21:00 Uhr

Looking more like a gentle professor than a radical rapper, at first sight Emicida might seem an unlikely choice for the face of contemporary Brazilian hip-hop. But make no mistake, his conscious and poetic lyrics have taken Brazil by storm.

Born Leandro Roque de Oliveira (Emicida is a play on ‘MC’ and ‘homicide’), 31 years ago in a northern suburb of São Paulo, Emicida began, as many others before him, by imitating every MC he heard and rapping in his own version of English. However he soon shifted to Portuguese and via circulated recordings of his appearances at freestyle rapping battles and, later, mixtapes from his own makeshift studio, his fame spread. In 2011 he embarked on his first international tour and two years later, with sell-out concerts in Brazil, Emicida had performed and recorded in the USA, toured Europe and alongside his conventional releases, had provided the soundtrack and songs for successful video games.

His latest album ‘About kids, hips, nightmares and homework ...’ arose from a specially conceived 20-day trip to Africa, specifically Cape Verde and Angola, where he worked with local musicians and recorded some of the tracks. These include “Mufete” with percussionist João Morgado, noted for his playing of Angolan ‘semba’, the roots of Brazilian ‘samba’, and “Passarinhos” and “Madagascar” where you can hear Kaku Alves, Cesária Évora’s guitarist for many years. But never forget the uniquely Brazilian component, and together with MCs from the new generation of Brazilian rap this album also includes collaborations with Vanessa da Mata on “Passarinhos” and on “Baiana”, Caetano Veloso.

But truly, for Emicida, travelling to Africa was more than just idle fancy. It fulfilled an old desire and was in part at least, a call from his ancestry. And as regards the title? Here are Emicida’s own words: “During the trip, the strongest points that remained in my mind were smiling children, hip dancing, nightmares around them trying to steal their happiness. And in the middle of all that, everybody was busy with their obligations, doing their homework ... ”.

Sterns, with our own history of disseminating African music around the world, are proud to present Emicida’s latest album as digital downloads and, on CD and vinyl, with specially commissioned English translations of his lyrics.


Mufete (recording in the studio): https://youtu.be/zypOpcW62T8
Passarinhos (with Vanessa da Mata): https://youtu.be/IJcmLHjjAJ4?list=PLLT69VZAQ9IzmOIC27WJnkW8MwTTBIIKv Boa Esperança (with English subtitles): https://youtu.be/AauVal4ODbE?list=PLLT69VZAQ9IzmOIC27WJnkW8MwTTBIIKv Baiana (live TV): https://youtu.be/PHDKP9jUrhA?list=PLLT69VZAQ9IzmOIC27WJnkW8MwTTBIIK

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