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Achtung:// Hafla! Feat. débruit, Halla-B, Tropikal Camel


Musik & Frieden
Falckensteinstr. 48 10997 Berlin Germany
HHV.DE // hhv.de mag // Plus1 Campaign Presents:
Achtung:// Hafla!#3 - Die Hafla geht weiter!

This time we will take over the Musik & Frieden in Kreuzberg, bringing the French synth wizard dEbruit, together with our local Hafla residents HALA B and Tropikal Camel. Deep words and full discription below.

Music ://
- dEbruit (FR)
- Tropikal Camel (DE)
- dj zhao (DE)

Doors: 22:00 --// Stage: 23:00 --// Home : ????

Tickets----> http://bit.ly/debruit_Berlin

▲ débruit ://
Débruit is a musical explorer who imagines alternate worlds and the way they’d sound. He plays with time and disparate sounds, molding static dimensions and geographical borders into new asymmetrical audio-forms. His music is electronic but with a human feel; it explores complementary culture clashes, combining elements that have never existed together before.
It’s been an interesting journey so far, starting out northwards from the far western coast of France several years ago. Now a seasoned wayfarer after a particularly warm reception on the RBMA stage at his Sonar debut in 2009 (having attended the academy the year before), triggered an ongoing demand for Débruit’s surprising and intriguing live electronic sets around the world. His latest album “débruit & Istanbul”, was commissioned by the Belgium Europalia Arts Festival and features most talented musicians from Istanbul such as Okay Temiz, Mustafa Özkent, Murat Ertel (BaBa Zula), Gaye Su Akyol and more.

Music & Attitude ://
From his upcoming album "debruit & Istanbul" (GPWW Premiere):

Boiler room sets ://

Sonar Festival ://
▲ HALA-B://
"...Think about Omar Souleyman jamming with Kraftwerk"
Hala-B is a secret duo from Berlin that combines middle-eastern groove with a synth based-psychedelic approach. . Hala-B are known for their uprising and energetic performance, creating the perfect musical scenery for the Hafla.

▲ Tropikal Camel (Arabstazy\Jerusalem) Live! ://
The Rocky B-The Tropikal Camel is a series of sonic adventures in Tribal Arabic music, future bass, shamanic sound scapes and industrial beats. The project debut release “In Die Hafla” was released in Folcore records(Spain) and received a world-wide recognition, featuring in the Guardian middle eastern playlist: “This smart bandcamp album of tribal Arabic electronics, bass and industrial techno is more concerned with his family heritage – via his grandparents – which stretches back to Morocco, Iran, Kurdistan and Austria”

▲ DJ Zhao ://
Born in Beijing and based in Berlin, Dj Zhao is an amateur musicologist and professional booty shaker, bringing a
poly-cultural understanding of rhythm to his richly percussive sets. Sometimes going deep all night into genre-specificity,
but just as often far away times, places, and styles are connected by an artful sense of composition and mixing technique. When Dj Zhao is in the booth, Berlin's Berghain vibrates with polyrhythmic Techno and Bass which recalls African beat patterns; a House Music party goes from Chicago to Luanda, stops at Jersey and lands in Soweto; intimate, small dance floors are filled with delicious boogie flavors from the entire globe. Festivals and big stages are perfect for Dj Zhao’s unique drum-focused ecstatic “ancient-futurist” sound: Mashup and Re-Edit work directly connecting "East" and "West", acoustic and electronic, traditional and hyper-modern. Dj Zhao regularly drops exclusive digital dubplates, of hybrid genres such as Sufi-Bass, Voodoo-Electro, and Juju-Juke, psychotropic musical collages at once mind expanding and booty shaking. Revealing ancestral roots of the latest and sickest electronic sounds as well as showcasing the sweetest and heaviest current music from all over the globe, Dj Zhao creates unique and exhilarating experiences on the dance-floor.

'nough said- Yahlla, Hafla!

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