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David Vicuña @ Lakehouse Moonlightbreakfast


Mein Haus am See
Brunnenstraße 197/198 10119 Berlin Germany
Originary from Madrid, David Vicuña is a compulsive music digger since he was 10 and discovered how to dub tapes. After playing guitars in bands in the 90s, he was attracted by electronic sounds and become a dj in 2002. He held several residencies before starting his first club, Giratoria@Submarino (Salamanca), which would be renamed to Cubic_club when it moved to the bigger venue of the city, a huge place for roughly 1k people and two floors.

During his 8 years Salamanca venture, David worked relentlessly programming and playing in all kind of events, and even two festivals, having the chance to bring to a small city a lot of great artists like Wighnomy Brothers, Jimpster, Alvaro Cabana, Steve Rachmad. Damian Lazarus, Ivan Smagghe, Maral Salmassi, Tom Clark, Milton Jackson, Acid Kids, Jesse Rose, Sebo K, Ivan Smoka, The Johnwaynes, Akufen, Dj Amable, Atjazz, Filippo Moscatello, Zombie Disco Squad, Mucho Muchacho, Angel García, Zombie Kids, Oscar Mulero, Aril Brikha, Francesco Farfa, The Sex Invaders, Marcos Indub, Round Table Knights, Shinedoe, Cristian Varela, Marc Marzenit, Aril Brikha, Angel Molina, Buffet Libre Djs, Kenny Larkin, Kerri Chandler, Kode9 and many others from all over Europe.

In its 5 years history, Cubic_club came to be a national reference in the electronic scene, being nominated twice as best club in spain by Vicious Magazine, and David sets grew in quality and energy while visiting other clubs across the country.

But good things also have an end, so he moved to Berlin for the next step: set up his own studio and focus in music creation, while still delivering whenever he plays out in clubs, radio or podcasts.

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