cellist, composer ILLAY
ILLAY: is a jack of many trades. Israeli born - composer, cellist and pianist.

As singer and songwriter she brings the audience a very unique style of live cello and looper, mostly in the genres of indie/ pop. Lyrics with a message and real musical layers with each a life of their own. ILLAY shows that cello can be so much more than a classical instrument! In combination with her distinctive voice, the 33 year old creates a world that does nothing less but suck you in to a new world of allembracing sound.

ILLAY has collaborated, either as an arranger, cellist or composer, with a diverse roster of acknowledged artists. Her works include tracks for and with Junkie Spaceship, Tali Magory, Lital David and many others in a wide range of musical genres, from live performances to studio recordings.

With the duo Haikoo (together with singer Ruth Danon), Illay was recently featured on MTV Iggy (

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ILLAY - Jazz in the Garden